What if you want to sell with us Jinne store?

Hello, if you're coming here to see how can you be one of our great sellers around the U.S you should follow the constructions.


1. You need to have an Account First.

If you're planning to be one of our vendors and sellers you should have an account, so you should sign in or sign up to start your journey.

2. Request for store ownership.

Now after logging in you should press on SELL WITH US button up there or go to this link below:


sell1.PNG (34 KB)

You're going to see this view down here, this is the step you add your data carefully.

Jinne store - Sell with us instructions

Steps to fill up the form:

1. Upload your store photo (logo) and it's recommended to be 500x500 px with spacing between edges because this photo appears in so different places.

2. Name: refers to your store name (we already knows your name).

3. Description: This is a small description of your store.

4. Address 1: Your address.

5. Address 2: Also your address.

6. Country: Choose your country.

7. City: Type your city in here.

8. State: Choose your state.

9. Zipcode: Add your location zipcode here.

10. Email: your store email.

11. Phone: your store phone.

12. Availability: This is so important for us to decide where to show your products, your products will only appear in locations you choose.

After you get sure your data are all fine, please press on SETUP button to send your request.

13. You're going to wait, for what? until the website admins review your data and approve your submission.

14. Thank you.


 3. Docs

You know we need proof you're a real store, you can have all your time to submit your commercial documents to our website and we're going to review it as well.

If your data you've submitted are ok with us, you're going to be an active seller as soon as possible and you will have the permissions to buy and sell with your seller account.

But Note: you should submit your official papers as soon as possible to prevent account disable.

Screenshot_2021-04-01 Login - Jinne Store(1).png (7 KB)

Upload your commercial register and tax id.


4. How do I know I'm activated as a seller.

When we activate your account you will receive a notification through your web browser if you're not interested in that, you can notice your dashboard is going to change.

Screenshot_2021-04-01 Dashboard - Jinne Store.png (12 KB)

Yes, we know, it's a confusing dashboard with a lot of assets, but as a seller, you're going to get used to it super easy and fast.


 5. How to sell a product?

Now, how can I sell a product?

there are two different ways to sell a product.

A. SELL an existing product

If you're looking to sell a product that already exists on Jinne store, all you have to do is visit this product's page and click on SELL THIS ITEM button.

Let's see how

1. Search for a product, and for this example, we're searching for "mac".

sell5.PNG (395 KB)

2. Click on SELL THIS ITEM.

sell6.PNG (137 KB)

And to be specific, you're now adding a price for this exact item.


B. SELL a none existing product.