A Big Discussion about the fact of: Xiaomi stealing personal data 2021

Hi again Jinne store users, we're going to start the post today with a piece of brand new information about the fact: Xiaomi stealing data and if it's really a fact or just rumours?!

In this post, we're going to talk about the rumours or facts that if really Xiaomi stealing data from their users or they don't!

Xiaomi, the company.

We all know about the Chinese companies with no doubt that the Chinese government is tracking every single person in china, but what about the company itself?

Xiaomi Corporation, which was originally created and registered in china, Asia with the brand name of Xiaomi Inc., it's a Chinese designer and manufacturer of customer electronics and related software, home appliances, and household items. just like Samsung, it is counted as the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones, most of which run the MIUI the official Xiaomi operating system depends on android. 

Does Xiaomi stealing data?

From BERLIN - the BSI, Germany's federal cybersecurity watchdog, couldn't find any proof of censorship operations in mobile phones created by China's Xiaomi Corporation, a representative said on Thursday.

Lithuania's state cybersecurity body held in the last September of 2021 said that Xiaomi phones were a built-in ability to detect and sense words such as the words "Free Tibet", "Long live Taiwan liberty" or even words such as "democracy movement".

The BSI started an investigation following these indictments, which lasted some months and as a final result, the BSI, Germany's federal cybersecurity watchdog, was unable to decide any anomalies that would require further research or other measures," the BSI spokesperson said.

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