Are you new to JinneStore? you're wondering what are the potential questions to ask about products and what is the common product FAQ and how to generate more sales through answering questions about products you sell? stop wondering how to ask questions on Amazon and start selling with Jinne.

Few questions your buyers asking and Your products should answer

Jinne store is full of useful and beautiful products. It would be bad if your products work didn’t sell as expected because your description of the product left your customers scratching their heads wondering!

This is a list to jump-start your thinking when you write your next item description. keep in mind that your buyer cannot see the product in person. Don’t think that the features of your item are obvious to your client or that your photos tell it all. You might also consider describing your product as if you had no photographs for your buyer to look at. Actually, make them feel like they are right there with your item.

Some questions may not be suitable for all items or sellers. This list is only to get you guessing about some of the things your client might want to acknowledge about your fabulous work.

Questions to ask about products

now let's get to the questions to ask about products and how to answer them easily, and how to create your product faq easy and fast.

What is your product is?

It may be completely obvious to you what the product is, but it might not be exposed and clear to your buyer. and keep in mind that sometimes customers conflict a mobile case with a mobile phone!!

What colour is it?

The colour on your machine (Mobile, computer, and other) monitors may not be the same as your customer's, and sometimes customers are colour blinded!

What is your product size?

As a customer, I don’t want to imagine if that picture or painting will fit over my chimney or if these earrings are going to hang past my shoulders. make it clear by photographing your product with a known size item or write down the dimensions clearly.

Where did was make in?

where did this product was made?

What is it used for?

Important questions to ask about products is What are the real functions of your product? just decoration? more than one feature?


one of the most product faq about the material, what are the materials of this product?

How does it work?

Does it slip over my head? Is there a clasp? Do I tie it around my waist? or maybe I should just place it there?

Why is this product is better than the one in the next shop or the higher or lower price??

One of the most important questions to ask about products is why this exact product and why should I choose your offer? What special facilities, elements, or ideas do you use that make your item the best?

Do I get everything in the picture?

Jinne store is a multi-vendor website, I see 12 objects in your picture, do I get them all? Only one? Does that lovely bauble in the background come with it or is it just for display?

What if it doesn’t fit?

If this product doesn't fit me, I want to get it back or change it, who would be charged for shipping?

Is it ready to use?

Is that painting ready to attach? Do I need to frame it first?

How does it come?

Very common Product faq Is it gift wrapped? how long would it take for me to receive it?

Will I get the same exact item in the photo?

Is it a stock photo or do I get the same exact item?

Can I live without this item?

Possibilities are your buyer can easily live without your items. It’s your job to sell it to them. Let them know why having this item is so wonderful. Are they going to appear like a princess with that lovely jewellery? Is that platter not only useful but makes a wonderful work of art? Is that item the ideal gift for hard-to-buy-for people? Does the item evoke certain emotions? Tell us what’s so exceptional about it!

How to ask questions at Jinne Store?

Jinne store is nothing like Amazon in this part, how to ask questions on amazon you may ask, but you can easily watch the comments on the item you're planning to buy.

no need to wonder how to ask questions on amazon and how to understand amazon's products, with Jinnestore you can easily explore, sell this item, and start selling in no time and with no efforts, don't ask questions with amazon and start selling with Jinne!

Product FAQ

We think you've learnt enough about the process of creating a product faq and how to write a better description, but you might take advantages of reading this related post on jinnestore about Tips for Writing The Best Item Descriptions and with both topics, we believe you can do better with your product faq and how to answer imaginary questions about products you sell.

You should always keep in mind questions to ask about products and how to answer them carefully, understanding you're not the customer and he's not you. you can't act just like they understand what you're selling and what is the features, pros and cons about your valued product.

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