Hal Finney’s “The person running bitcoin” is celebrating his birthday today

Hi again, Hal Finney, a frontiersperson of The Bitcoin (BTC), 13 years ago carried to his Twitter account to declare that he was running a node of the first cryptocurrency.

The talented engineer and web developer who was born in California, USA is thought the first bitcoin pioneer. He wrote in the aforementioned social network On Jan 10, 2009, a simple tweet that was documented for history: “Running bitcoin” (running Bitcoin). It was the foremost time that the phrase “bitcoin” was ever written on Twitter.

Hal Finney was the second individual to operate a node on the web. This, after owning the software directly from the inventor of the cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto (who operated the first node).

It is worth mentioning that Finney was involved in a group recognised as cypherpunks, all privacy activists. These were reached by Nakamoto, attracting Finney, who from the first moment made multiple programming assistance to the Bitcoin network.

Among the associations of the cryptographer is the collective work with Satoshi Nakamoto for the result of the sooner Bitcoin client. This is – as described by the CryptoNews Glossary – the software that promotes the innovation and use of addresses and can contain a complete duplicate of the blockchain.


Hal Finney On Twitter, and being crypto famous

Hal Finney made Bitcoin known on Twitter that he was operating on the first nodes that conducted on Bitcoin. Fountain: Hal Finney’s Twitter.

He also made a team up with Nakamoto to the sending and obtaining of the first bitcoins that circulated through the web. This happened a few days after the “Bitcoin first run”, on January 12, 2009. Hal Finney received the first transaction on the web from Nakamoto, for a total amount of 10 BTCs.


This was held out as a first operating of the functioning of the program, which makes the sending and receiving of money without intermediaries or authorised third parties.


In that exact 2009, Finney was analysed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease he fought until August 28, 2014, when he died. His body was cryogenic and is held at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation pending advancements in science to bring him back to life when science can do. 

Currently, Bitcoin is well-known and everybody knows about it, even governments, through traditional financial establishments to the ordinary citizen and, increasingly, it persists to gain importance in people’s lives.

participations in the building of Bitcoin

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney, thousands of developers donated to a more distinguished or lesser extent to the advancement of the web.

Only Last December, Bitcoin had an average of 600 active open source developers.