Razer X Fossil reveal exclusive - Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch made for gamers


Hi Jinne store visitors, today we're going to choose a new subject to discuss, The production of the limited edition of Razer and Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch took a place. This gadget will furthermore be aspired at fans of video games and game addicts and going to about cost 329 USD.

The new smartwatch is based on the regular version of the Fossil Gen 6  model. The wonder varies from the regular version by the support of 3 additional dials, including the branded  Razer Chroma. Also, two different 22mm silicone waistbands are included in Razer Black/Green colours.

What are the Razer And Fossil Smart Watch Features? 

Well, it's a gamer watch inspired by gamers and was designed for them, and to be honest, if you're looking for gamers options in this amazing watch.. you're going to find nothing! 

Razer And Fossil Gen 6 has zero new features to offer. This is the previously revealed Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch, so Razer's grant here is represented by 3 dials and two straps. 





Razer X Fossil Gen 6, Let's Watch the video 

Well, on the other hand, there is some good stuff, This device has a 44mm steel case, supplying 3 ATM moisture protection. The hardware base of the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon with a 4100+ processor, which is providing a high level of performance and is so efficient power consuming. An inner 8 GB storage drive is equipped for data storage. According to reports, Razer and fossil gen 6 watches can restore to 80% of charge in just 30 minutes.

Razer X Fossil Gen 6 is going to be available at the end of January, but it's not easy.

The fun fact is that the companies planning to release about  1337 copies of the Razer X Fossil Gen 6 and it can be assumed that there are so many people who want to take possession of this exclusive version of Fossil Gen 6.


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