The death of BlackBerry - For real this time - on January 4th

Dear buddies, we’re assembled here today to grieve the death - the real death - of that once-beloved king of the mobile world: BlackBerry. And, yes, I admit that this is not the first time some people announce the death of the company or some of their devices but this is a very substantial-end for the legacy of BlackBerry hardware.

BlackBerry os is going to DIE

BlackBerry os is dead, and even the hardware as of Jan 4th, any phones or tablets operating BlackBerry’s own software — that’s BlackBerry 7.1 or more earlier, BlackBerry 10, or its tablet OS BlackBerry PlayBook — will “no longer reliably function,” says the company said. Whether on Wi-Fi or cellular, there’ll be no guarantee you can make any type of phone call, send a text message, use data or the internet, establish an SMS connection, or even call 911. (SAD)

If for whatever unexplainable reason, you or somebody you love is still using the original BlackBerry os or blackberry hardware, then we suggest you make it a New Year’s resolution to snoop it gently but firmly from their hands. Starting January 4th on, it’ll be a little more additional than a paperweight.

GOOD NEWS about BlackBerry OS Death

Even if BlackBerry os software is going to die, BlackBerry devices operating Android will continue to work as normal.

As hinted to above, though, this might not be the last BlackBerry os death we announce. The company has experienced a slow and difficult decline since its dominant period in the late 2000s, when its QWERTY keyboards and prestige for security gave it a 50% market share in the United States, but such a storied trademark has to be wrung for its last dregs of value.

History of saving BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry pushed to reboot itself in 2013 with a new Operating System, BlackBerry 10 (which failed), and in 2015 exchanged to making Android devices (which has failed, too). Then, in 2016, it started empowering its brand to third-party manufactories like TCL. This is still how the BlackBerry name remains on, and in 2020, a Texas firm named OnwardMobility said it would be making a 5G Android-powered BlackBerry device with a full QWERTY keyboard to unleash in 2021.

What Happened to the project?

Well, we're running of time and OnwardMobility hasn’t posted any news or updates on its website since Jan 2021), but whether that separate effort lives or dies, it will at slightly give us a chance to pick again for another funeral. We really must get together some period under kinder circumstances. How are your uncle and aunt anyway?


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