Our store allows you to have two different types of accounts you can use and get benefits of usage, first type is the seller account, and buyer regular account, and below you're going to understand the difference between both types easily. Both types are following the terms and conditions and usage of policy and privacy of JinneStore, you can learn more about Jinne store privacy and policy from this link.

Buyer Account

A buyer account is a regular account you can have and with your buyer account, you can easily use your account to buy products, save addresses, and make fast purchases using JinneStore.

You can also use the same account for all applications provided by JinneStore company, the android application available at the android play store, apple store, and Huawei app store provided by Huawei company. One application for cross usage, and easy access.

Seller Account

A seller account is used to make both processes, to buy items if you want to, and selling products if you need to sell products using your selling account.

you can learn all about selling with Jinne store from this link below: