The Well-known company Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) said that MalnaZidos is led to both PlayStation & PC next March. A collaborative effort between Mediaset Games, GammeraNest, and RBorn Games, it's a 3D zombie shooter set in the 1930s with a black and white colour palette to show it that old-time sense. When the undead begins walking the Earth, it will be up to you to locate survivors and others ready to fight the cause by positioning them down at all costs. But beware, the very individuals next to you can be hiding a bite or an infection that will finally shift them into a zombie. The game is going to be released next March 11th, 2022.

MalnaZidos is an exciting survival shooter set in the 1930s. During 1938 All Saints' Eve, a youthful officer called Jan is sent on a task that will shift apocalyptic when the entrances of hell open in front of him and hordes of the undead endanger to end his life. Support Jan to escape with his life via harrowing techniques such as forests, left villages and dark dungeons to learn why the world is unexpectedly plagued by the undead.

Valley of the Dead (MalnaZidos) stands as a 3D shooter with investigation and infiltration mechanics where you will need to make brave choices, as rivals will always outnumber you and shots will be scarce. Fight alongside the movie's characters and handle them in bonus levels that are going to present a new layer of replayability. Valley of the Dead (Malnazidos) has an unusual art style mimicking comic books by using cell shading graphics. Attack all your way out of the zombie apocalypse as Jan, a typical guy that has stood trapped in the depth of huge hordes of zombies. Research and sneak through the various levels while wisely operating your weapons and bullets, as enemies will consistently outnumber you. Enjoy an unusual art style that mimicks comic books by operating cell shading graphics.