Jinne store is a brand new e-commerce website, a multivendor website to be specified, made for you to help your business grow if you're looking for more growth for your business? if you're looking for uploading your products to the web, you should be one of our vendors.

1. What is Jinne Store?

Having your own store Is important, but you know what else is important? it's becoming a seller with other stores around the world, it's giving you more spread on the web and potentially making more sales as a result.

Jinne store is a multi-vendor website, a mobile application for android, and a mobile application for iPhone users, and even available on the Huawei store, you can easily log in and create your own store, start selling with us with simple steps we're going to explain later but before we keep going you should learn more about Jinne store.

Jinne store is a multivendor website and eCommerce in Florida based on the best multi vendor marketplace platform in the world (Thonem: multi vendor e-commerce the best content management system) and designed by brightery the leading software and development company.

And that gives us Jinne Store more security, better performance, and consistently development updates what makes us more professional and more unique.

You can also learn more about Jinne Store from this brochure here: Download or view Jinne store brochure

2. Why choose Jinne Store?

If you're looking for a website that specialised in eCommerce in Florida you're looking for Jinne Store, and if you're looking for a multi vendor marketplace that allows you to sell, buy, and much more you should choose the best multi vendor marketplace platform and multivendor website and mobile application: Jinne Store.

It's easy to use, fully supported, secured, and we're working on developing and updating our marketing process every single day, in every moment we're following the best practices to enhance and develop our vendor's growth and net income.

but still, you might ask: Why do I join Jinne store?

Well, we're going to answer you this with:


You might not be having a social or web presence, but this is no longer good these days, you remember what happened in the old days of lockdown and quarantine, everyone went shopping online.

and Jinne store the best multi vendor marketplace platform allows you to add your products easy and super fast and sell using 4 applications across the web.

More Visibility & Free Marketing

When you join Jinne Store you're not joining another eCommerce in Florida , you're joining the best multi vendor marketplace platform on the web, we're planning to increase our visibility, enhancing our project scaling with expanding and making more though enhancing our process and migrating with all available experts and sellers.

we're making free online marketing campaigns for you, with no payments at all, we're going to advertise your products on the web for free, so you can make more profit.

Free listing

You're getting the online presence by adding your products to the web, get noticed by adding your self to the best multi vendor marketplace platform in Florida, and soon in the whole U.S.


No Fees

Getting noticed and listed as one of our vendors is totally free, you shouldn't pay for joining our multivendor website and application, it's super easy and fast.

Learn more about getting a seller account with Jinne store.